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Within our Football Academy we aim for our players to be individually skilled enough to cope under pressure in and out of possession, with a knowledge and understanding of the ever changing game.

Our style will be possession based, requiring intelligent aware and adaptable players. Our players must be comfortable in tight areas with the football, display a range of passing techniques and have disguise and guile to take defenders on.

The team will be expansive, fast and controlled. They will be given creativity and confidence to excite. We will have ball mastery, receiving skills, ball protection and movement an integral part of our syllabus to work towards this.

Finally the players will need to be hard working, disciplined, respectful and display good attitudes towards the game, fellow players and management.

Our Coaching Philosophy

  • We have to inspire the players
  • We have to allow for mistakes
  • We have to teach the game
  • We believe that enjoyment and challenge should be at the heart of every session so that players are enthused to concentrate and be open minded to learn

Our Team

Academy Hall Of Fame

  • Oakley Johnson U7 - Signed for Peterborough United 2019
  • Ashton Hancock U8 - Signed for Lincoln City 2019
  • Harry Bushell U10 - Signed for Peterborough United 2019